Mindaugas Drigotas

Journalist and Videographer


For a long time, Mindaugas worked as a freelance journalist for the Lithuanian media (Delfi, Lietuvos Rytas news service). He joined NARA (formerly Nanook) in 2016. Since graduating from Vilnius University, he has continued his studies as a master’s student in political science at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science.

Mindaugas has worked on documentary multimedia projects “Will to Win,” “Traces: Traversing the Past,” and “Dūšelės.” His main areas of interest are documentary film, TV series, studies on spaces of collective memory, and video games. Mindaugas works with video projects and media education.

"I see the world in images, so I usually work on documentary video stories. I watch films and TV series all the time, drawing inspiration from them. In this way, I develop my imagination and taste, I get acquainted with new and different forms of storytelling, and I get to know their creators and their worldview. These experiences allow us to look creatively as well as critically at this type of media and find ways to tell a story in a way that inclusive, ethical, and in accordance with the principles of journalistic work,” says Mindaugas.

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