Lithuanian Goalball Team. To Hear the Victory

In a cramped and under-supplied gym seven men worked towards their dream. Only their trainer has the ability to see, while the rest are blind or visually impaired. It's the story of the underdogs, their will to win and their power to overcome all odds, the story of the national Lithuanian goalball team.

Filmed during their preparation for RIO paralympic games, when the team was still living in the mindset of rigorous training and with hope to bring back home some medals.

Lithuanian goalball team managed to get out of their group without losses and became the first Lithuanian goalball team to win gold medals in the paralympic games.

The leader of the team, Genrikas, is retiring from the sport, while long-term coach Karolis is still unsure whether he’ll continue training the national goalball team.

Now the story of the national Lithuanian goalball team appears in English. It is part of our entire multimedia project "Will to Win.

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