Berta Tilmantė

Co-Founder, Multimedia Journalist

Having traveled and worked in five continents and more than 60 countries, Berta returned to Lithuania to create NARA (formerly Nanook). After graduating from Vilnius University with a degree in journalism and a course in photojournalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, Berta went on to earn a master's degree in multimedia journalism (Beijing University of Foreign Studies [China] / Bolton University [UK]). Working as a freelance multimedia journalist, Berta has lectured at Vilnius and Gediminas Technical universities. She also leads various training courses and creative workshops.

Using her free diving skills, Berta looks for stories underwater as well as on land. Her work revolves around the connection between human beings and nature, and social problems and culture. Berta's photo and video stories have been published in National Geographic, Al Jazeera, GEO, Wired, Geographical Magazine, Deutsche Welle, Der Spiegel, and many other media outlets in different countries. Berta has won awards at international competitions and festivals for her work.

“Journalism allows me to enable my sensitivity. It is a tool to talk about what is interesting or disturbing. Through the connection I form with my subjects, the heroes of the stories, I can begin to better understand the principles of how the world works, see connections, and get to know humanity. Discovering the best way and form to share it with others is also an important part of that process, as growth and change happen collectively,” says Berta.

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