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Multimedia journalism is characterized by the multi-layered nature of themes and forms. To create this kind of journalism, teamwork and long-term involvement are required. Take the time to immerse yourself in these interactive stories.
  • Traces. Traversing the Past

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    Four travelers tackled the Siberian taiga – more than 500 kilometers of the hostile North – to connect the horrific past of the Soviet deportations with the modern day will to remember it. The whole project consists of mini web series, archival material, articles, photo galleries, and an interactive map that the reader can explore in order to understand the historical context of the mass deportations to Siberia that took place in 1940s.
  • While the Red Is On

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    Ordinary citizens forced to flee their homes, crushed by a gargantuan government, and running for their lives from a country they love. This is the story of a modern Russian political refugee community finding asylum in Lithuania.
  • Lithuanian paralympians managed to win more medals in the Paralympic Games throughout history than than Lithuanian Olympians at the Olympic Games. And yet, outside the playing fields and stadiums Paralympians are forced to face life with the odds stacked against them. In these stories, documented right before the Rio De Janeiro Paralympic games, thirteen Paralympians are followed through their training sessions. Each personal story hiding behind the seconds, centimeters, and scores reminds us that in this battle, there are never any losers.
  • Lithuania's prisons currently contain about 8,000 to 9,000 inmates, about 300 of which are women. The female convict is, therefore, a bit of an unknown quantity in Lithuanian society. That is one of the reasons why it is harder for women to be rehabilitated back into society and why employment is thin on the ground for female ex-convicts.

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