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    We do not compromise on journalistic ethics.
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    In addition to presenting the issues, we discuss possible solutions.
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    Our journalism has, and always will be, available to everyone for free.
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    Supporting us financially means you’re contributing to independent journalism.
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    We maintain a close relationship with our community of readers and listeners.
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    Out of respect for our interviewees and audience, we have chosen a comments-free web environment.
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    We are independent from political parties and their sphere of influence.
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    We accept advertising money only from responsible, ethical businesses.
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    We dedicate a part of our time to educational work.


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VšĮ Dokumedija
Lukiškių skg. 6
Vilnius 01118, Lithuania

NARA is a space for responsible journalism in which fundamental aspects of society are examined.

NARA is produced by a collective of journalists and media professionals whose work relies on the principles of ethical journalism, research, and respect for our interviewees.

What started in 2015 in Lithuania as a two-person endeavor called Nanook soon grew into a community of more than ten individuals whose work earned multiple local and international awards. In 2017 this team also started the first professional Lithuanian podcast, called NYLA. All of the team's work is now continued under the name NARA.

NARA is a non-profit media organization. Support our journalism financially:
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    The best way for journalism to remain independent is to be funded by the community itself. Become our patron by logging in through the secure „Contribee“ and „Steady“ platforms

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    To contribute by recurring or one-time transfer, identify your transfer as “Support.” Our account name is VšĮ Dokumedija. Account No. LT914010051003356607

  • 1.2% income tax donation

    When declaring your income, dedicate 1.2% of your income tax to NARA. Instructions on how to do this can be found here. The name of our organisation is VšĮ Dokumedija, registration code 303506867

  • Advertising

    We invite socially responsible businesses and organizations to purchase advertising space on our website and in our podcasts. Contact us at nara@nara.lt

  • Partnership and sponsorship

    For all your questions regarding sponsorships or partnerships, please contact us at nara@nara.lt

  • 2020-09-22
    A New Beginning

    September 22nd is the launch day of NARA. This new website is a space for responsible journalism where we present people’s stories in different formats: podcasts, texts, photo stories and videos. Publications in NARA are available in three languages: Lithuanian, Russian and English.

    This day also marks a change for our brand: starting today Nanook and Nyla become NARA, but all the material published under the old names will still be available for you to view on the new website. We invite you to read about the reasons for this decision and the story of our team in the introductory publication of NARA.

  • 2020-03-03
    Producer of NARA Podcasts Wins European Audio Documentary Prize

    We are proud to announce that Martyna Šulskutė, a producer of NARA podcasts, has been chosen as one of the three winners of this year's Åke Blomström Prize.

    European audio documentary producers have been awarded this prize named after a famous Swedish Radio Journalist since 1986. Each of the winners will work with a professional mentor on their new documentary and participate in an international audio documentary conference.

    We invite you to remember some of Martyna‘s works, in which she tackled topics such as the city of Vilnius and the history of its people, Lithuanian Roma Genocide, as well as asylum seekers‘ stories and the use of animals in medicine.

NARA's awards

LOGIN conference award for the Best Lithuanian Podcast – NYLA, 2019

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival – Best Spirit of Adventure Film Award for "Traces: Traversing the Past" mini series, 2019

New Media Writing Prize – What’s New in Publishing Award for "Traces: Traversing the Past," 2019

Prix Europa – A nomination in the Multimedia category for "Traces: Traversing the Past," 2019

National Press Photography Association Awards – second place in the Sports category for "Will to Win", USA, 2017

Lithuanian Press Photo awards – first place in the Multimedia category for "Will to Win", 2018 and

New Media Writing Prize – The Gorkana Journalism award for "Will to Win", 2017