Eglė Murauskaitė

Expert in International Security

Eglė E. Murauskaitė is a senior researcher and simulations designer for the ICONS Project with Maryland University. Presently based in Lithuania, she is responsible for high-level political-military crises simulations in Europe, alongside academic research and government consulting projects. Eglė has been working with unconventional security threats for the past 10 years – from gray zone warfare to proliferation of nuclear weapons. Eglė is also a senior non-resident fellow with the Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis and a co-author of the podcast NARA (previously “Nyla Update”). Egle holds a Master’s degree from Sciences Po Paris (International Security) and a Bachelor’s degree from SSE Riga (Economics and Business Management); her professional experience spans the Netherlands, Australia, Egypt, France, and the U.S.

In addition to security and policy matters, Eglė is also active in a number of initiatives focused on community building and culture. Several of her podcast episodes explore the issues related to the sense of community and social cohesiveness. She has also facilitated a number of discussions on cultural issues – at the theater festival "Sirenos 2019", film festival "Serseliafam 2017" etc.

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