Karolis Vyšniauskas

Editor and Author


Karolis is the editor of the NARA podcast, a journalist, and a media educator. He has previously worked on talk shows on LRT radijas and Žinių radijas, and published articles in Deutsche Welle and Delfi. As a journalist, he has covered stories from different regions in the U.S., Palestine, and different European cities. Among his interviewees have been filmmakers Jonas Mekas and Sean Baker, anthropologist and Harvard lecturer Ieva Jusionytė, and organizers of the Lithuanian Black Lives Matter protest. Karolis' areas of interest are alternative culture, social movements and the growth of nationalism.

“I am interested in sound as a form of storytelling. My goal as a journalist is to create worlds of sound in the listeners' ears and to improve my interviewing technique to such a degree that the listeners feel that I represent them in the conversation, rather than myself,” says Karolis.

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