Osvaldas Bareikis. Fighting Shadows

Informational message about the last years' BSA World Games held in Seoul sounded as follows: "the only representative from Lithuania Osvaldas Bareikis in Judo wrestling tournament, won one victory, suffered one defeat and did not participate in the provision of medals." But real life was much more complex than these few lines.

This year he took part in the Rio de Janeiro Summer Paralympics. This is his first Paralympic Games. At men's judo competition in weight category up to 66 kg Osvaldas won the 5th place. In the fight for bronze medal he lost to the triple Paralympic champion 41-year-old Satoshi Fujimoto from Japan. One can only speculate what Osvaldas was thinking after the fight.

However, Osvaldas is only 22 years old, and it he is already competing with the world's strongest athletes. "All the time I try to prove myself that I can," - said athlete during the interview. And he never stops trying.

Osvaldas' story is part of our entire multimedia project "Will to Win".

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