How Lithuania Embraced Pop Culture

Now, more Lithuanians than ever are coming out as proud pop culture fans and creators. How have superhero films, videogames, comics and cosplay changed the country and the people?

We raised these questions at the special podcast session at the Comic Con Baltics in Vilnius. Our panelists were: Karolis Pilypas Liutkevičius, NARA; Agnė Juškėnaitė, YouTuber, #GeekPropaganda; Jaq Greenspon, writer, associate professor at Vytautas Magnus university; Ieva Pikutytė, video games designer at Nordcurrent; Lesya Parker and Ekaterina Krasner; producer and director of Magic First, a short film about Russian wizards; Karolis Vyšniauskas, NARA

All the panelists preparing for the discussion. ©Mindaugas Drigotas

Agota Gudelytė-Foxtail has been cosplaying for 10 years. She joined the panel in the character of Aloy from the video game Horizon Zero Dawn. ©Mindaugas Drigotas
Ieva Beneckė, a video game developer, during the discussion. ©Mindaugas Drigotas

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We thank the Comic Con Baltics team for their help and generosity to make the event happen.

Studio voice was recorded at Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania.

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