Contemporary Circus Stories. Wilmer Marquez and Edward Aleman

Born and raised in Columbia, Wilmer Marquez and Edward Aleman, also known as a duet named "El Nucleo", met when they were 11 years old and their friendship is still strong 20 years on. But both of them agree – doing circus in Columbia is hard.

"When you’re born in Columbia, traveling anywhere is almost impossible. It’s impossible because you’re from Columbia. Visa is required everywhere. And then you stop dreaming because you tell yourself that it’s impossible," – told us Wilmer.

And yet through circus they found a way: "Circus took us into his hands. Everything’s possible, you just need to concentrate and move forward".

This video story is unique in a way that it’s as much about two friends in life and on stage as it’s about circus.

Both Wilmer and Edward finished their education in France where they also created their company "El Nucleo". During this festival they presented their first performance "Who am I?", which ended with a standing ovation from the audience.

These stories about modern circus were made in cooperation with the team at “New Circus Weekend”.