Karolis Pilypas Liutkevičius



Karolis Pilypas is the editor of the NARA website. After completing a BA in journalism at Vilnius University and an international photojournalism course at the Danish School of Media and Journalism he joined NARA (previously Nanook) as a full-time member, where he worked on multiple award-winning Nanook projects before becoming the editor of the NARA web page.

“I was fascinated by journalism. I was taught by it. And now and my goal has become to present a type of journalism that helps to people to understand the world and the essential processes in it. But for the most part, such journalism is not very convenient for people. From video games and technology to the climate crisis or geopolitics, all of these themes and the stories they contain can be leveled, softened, and made comfortable, but my perception of the world and my emotional capacity have been shaped by stories that have challenged my views or challenged the things that I thought I already understood. I strongly believe that in order to understanding our environment, our world, and each other we must be open to experience discomfort,” says Karolis.

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